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About ArrowSpace

There are two main principles behind the ArrowSpace drum mat:

  1. The mat should cover the same area as a drum podium, allowing you to mark the entire area at home.
  2. The mat should have an intuitive, clear, and movable marking system that can remain in place when the mat is rolled up.

These two principles are fulfilled by ArrowSpace!

About the Mat

ArrowSpace is available in two sizes: 200 x 200 cm (podium size) and a slightly smaller 200 x 180 cm. The mat is easy to roll out, lies completely flat, and weighs less than many other drum mats, making it more convenient to transport. The surface is black with a discreet woven “herringbone pattern.” The underside is non-slip, ensuring a stable base for your drums.

Mat Features:

  • Available in 200 x 200 cm and 200 x 180 cm
  • Black with a discreet v-pattern
  • Thermoplastic non-slip backing
  • Antistatic
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Self-unrolling
  • Oeko-Tex certified

About the Marking System

To easily mark where your drum set should be placed so that you can set it up in the exact same spot next time, you receive a set of marking signs and arrows. With these, you can quickly and efficiently mark all the important spots on your mat. The arrows are yellow with a white edge, making it easy to see precisely where they are placed and where they point.

When you purchase ArrowSpace, you receive a basic set of these arrows and signs. Additional signs and arrows can be purchased, allowing you to get exactly what you need—even for large drum setups. The marking system lies completely flat on the mat, which means you can leave it in place when you roll the mat up.

Therefore, the ArrowSpace mat is the solution if you want precise and elegant marking in full drum podium size!

ArrowSpace arrows and signs

The Story

The ArrowSpace story begins back in 2007. At that time, however, the project was called “Rug’n’roll” – but the concept was the same: a robust drum mat in full drum podium size with an easy, editable marking system that could be left on when rolled up for transportation. The idea had already been in development for some time, but the problem was that the mats available on the market did not work with Velcro. This was an issue, as Velcro is the key element in securing the small arrows and signs in the marking system.

But at a gig in Sweden that year, there was already a mat on the drum podium upon arrival. The mat looked quite nice, so it was used that evening. As this mat actually passed the “Velcro test,” the organiser was questioned to find out the mat’s origin – the manufacturer. Long story short: It turned out to be a Swedish manufacturer of car mats. Contact was made, and the first drum mats were ordered from the factory in Sweden.

Unfortunately, it turned out that these mats were not very suitable for the Scandinavian climate. When the weather got cold, the mats would not unroll – or rather, they would, but they would coil back up again. This led to the project being shelved. But in 2022, another mat manufacturer approached, and at long last, the project was back on track.

The new start needed to be emphasised with a new name – and the name became ArrowSpace, referencing the many small arrows on the floor area when the mat is in use. After testing for over a year on Danish concert stages and festivals, the mat was approved – and went into production.

Concert Festival from back of scene