About StickWorks

StickWorks is a high-quality drumstick brand.

These drumsticks stand out as they virtually weigh exactly the same for each pair you take out of the pack.

The weight variance between individual pairs is simply negligible, especially when compared to competitors, making it easier for you when buying new drumsticks.

The drumsticks are crafted from American hickory wood, which is carefully selected, weighed, and sorted before use. This ensures that weight discrepancies between pairs are minimal, which is particularly evident when compared to competitors.

StickWorks 5A Vertical

Weight Distribution

The balance in StickWorks drumsticks is simply fantastic. In practice, you’ll find the drumsticks naturally sit in the hand where the balance (rebound) works optimally, meaning your ghost notes almost play themselves. Ultimately, you can relax more while playing and even experience your sound opening up.

Tonally Matched

StickWorks drumsticks are paired for tonality – by hand. Each drumstick has its own tone (heard when playing on a hard surface), which indicates the density of the wood. With this method, you get much more consistent drumstick sets, meaning you won’t notice a difference in your ride cymbals whether you use one drumstick or another.

Drumstick Surface

StickWorks drumsticks are coated with an ultra-thin layer of special lacquer. The lacquer provides the drumsticks with a comfortable and natural surface, reminiscent of unlacquered drumsticks, but with the advantages of lacquered drumsticks (accumulating less hand sweat, etc.).

Who Plays with StickWorks?

A wide range of Danish professional drummers play with StickWorks drumsticks.

  • Søren Friis-Larsen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy)
  • Joachim Dencker Christiansen (Scarlet Pleasure)
  • Simon Vilmar Jensen (Gobs, Freja Kirk, Skinz, Patrick Dorgan)
  • Peter Düring (Rasmus Seebach)
  • Anders Meinhardt (Medina)
  • Morten Lowe (Amaranthe)
  • Dennis Buhl (Endarken)
  • Mike Park (Hatesphere)
  • Frank Thøgersen (Kandis)
  • Anders Ramhede (Magtens Korridorer / Falderebet)
Søren Friis-Larsen Dizzy Mizz Lizzy StickWorks