About UFO Cymbals

UFO Low Volume Cymbals offer excellent quality for money when you need practice cymbals for your drum set, practice kit, or electronic drum set.

This means that everyone can now afford to build themselves an almost silent drum set. Either around a drum set with mesh heads or around one or more practice pads.

UFO Ride Cymbal

If you play on an electronic drum set, they are also perfect instead of the included rubber pads (however, note that UFO cymbals do not have built-in triggers).

How UFO Cymbals Work

The cymbals work by creating a large number of small holes in the surface of the cymbals. The holes remove the mass – and thus the sound – from the cymbals, and the remaining sound still closely resembles regular cymbals.

An important detail about UFO cymbals is that they respond like regular cymbals when you play on them. So even though the sound may be slightly different from what you are used to, it is the feel and the way they respond that ultimately convinces one that they are actually fantastic for practice use.

The Range

UFO cymbals are available as cymbal sets in two versions:
Standard SET (20-14-16 + bag)
XL SET (20-14-16-18 + bag)

You can also purchase the cymbals individually, and here the selection is a bit larger:
Ride: 20″ // Hi-hat: 14″ // Crash: 14″, 16″, 18″ // China: 18″ // Splash: 10″

Demo Video

Below you can hear a set of UFO cymbals compared to a regular set of cymbals.

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