ArrowSpace logo

ArrowSpace is a tailored mat engineered for musicians, particularly drummers, needing precise gear arrangement on stage podiums sized at 200×200 cm. With its adaptable marking system, setup and teardown are effortless, conserving time between performances and guaranteeing optimal reliability for each show.

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CymbalWorks Logo

CymbalWorks stands as our top-tier cymbal brand, presenting meticulously crafted B20 bronze cymbals, each hand-hammered to perfection. Tailored for the discerning professional drummer, these cymbals ensure exceptional sound quality and deliver fantastic performance.

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Drum Gear

Drum Gear Logo Circular

Drum Gear, as a brand, has epitomized our SnareWorks “classic Ludwig style” snare drums, snare wires, hardware, and drum heads since 2007. In essence, this brand serves as the cornerstone of our entire drum lineup.

However, for many drummers, Drum Gear is chiefly renowned as a really great snare drum brand, owing to the resounding success of our SnareWorks snare drums in Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Holland.


SlapKlatz LOGO

SlapKlatz, our flagship brand, began its journey in 2009 and has since expanded its reach to around 40 countries, establishing itself as a leading brand in drum gel dampening and sound optimization, achieving widespread recognition and success.

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StickWorks LOGO

Hand paired from Denmark, StickWorks is our drumstick brand, offering premium drumsticks crafted from American hickory. Each stick undergoes meticulous weight sorting and turning to ensure exceptional consistency in weight, balance, and feel. Ideal for discerning drummers who demand the highest quality, StickWorks drumsticks deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

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UFO Cymbals

UFO Logo

UFO Low Volume Cymbals cater to drummers seeking quieter practice sessions, ideal for use with practice kits and acoustic drums that require volume reduction. Tailored for e-drum setups or teaching environments with extended usage, these cymbals offer reduced volume at an affordable price, while preserving the authentic playing feel of traditional cymbals.

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