About CymbalWorks

CymbalWorks is a Danish cymbal brand that has been in development since 2018. With their unique sound, the cymbals have sparked great interest wherever they have been showcased.

And perhaps it is precisely because of the cymbals’ sound that one can say they have their justification. With the three series Copenhagen, Casablanca, and Collectables, CymbalWorks truly manages to offer something new and exciting.

CymbalWorks at work


All the cymbals are made of B20 bronze and are hammered and crafted by hand.

Laser Engraving

The cymbals’ logos and text are laser-engraved directly into the surface. This gives the cymbals a discreet and attractive appearance while ensuring that the logos do not wear off.

Serial Number

All the cymbals have a unique serial number on the back, making it easy to identify the cymbal.

CymbalWorks Review

The Dutch drum magazine Slagwerkkrant tested a selection of Collectables cymbals from CymbalWorks at the end of 2020. You can read the test in English via this PDF file.

The Series

Below you will find a brief introduction to the three distinct series from CymbalWorks.

Copenhagen Series

Copenhagen 19" crash

Headquartered in Copenhagen, naming our first series was a natural choice. Now, Copenhagen is not only the capital of Denmark but also the name of our debut cymbal series.

The Copenhagen series from CymbalWorks offers a beautiful, clear sound suitable for various playing styles. These cymbals deliver exceptional tones that can satisfy a wide range of needs.

The cymbals boast a brilliant and versatile sound, featuring a dynamic range with a bright top end that doesn’t become harsh. They also provide low-end warmth and are incredibly easy to play.

Crafted from B20 bronze and meticulously hand-hammered, these cymbals showcase deep hammer marks that give them a distinctive appearance.

Among the three series from CymbalWorks, the Copenhagen series is the brightest. Despite its lighter character, it maintains a lot of warmth and body, making it extremely versatile and suitable for all-around use.

Casablanca 20" cymbal

Casablanca Series

The Casablanca series offers the driest sound among the three series. It provides a darker, more defined, and slightly shorter tone. This makes it a perfect complement to both the Collectables and Copenhagen series, which are more vibrant by nature.

Visually, the Casablanca series is unique. The upper side has an almost tiger-like appearance, with some raw surface still visible in the deepest hammer marks. The cymbals have been slightly polished on the upper side, but only for cleaning, as no lathing has been done.

When you turn the cymbal over, you’ll see a completely different finish. The underside is treated in a way that gives it a sleek, matte appearance.

Collectables 21" Vintage Ride

Collectables Series

The Collectables series stands out from the other two CymbalWorks series, Copenhagen and Casablanca. With the Collectables series we try to make each cymbal a little bit different. Here you will find that, quite deliberately, there may be variations in weight and shape – both of which are parameters that are essential for sound.

You could say that this series is a form of collectible – hence the name of the series. Here, variation is simply sought in the individual cymbals.

The cymbals are a joy. They are crisp, they are light and slightly trashy – in the good way of course. They are also wonderfully airy to play, and you are left with the feeling of cymbals that wants to play.

Learn more

If you visit www.cymbalworks.com, you can learn more about these cymbals, as well as watch demo videos to get an idea of their sound and versatility.

Sebastian CymbalWorks